The National Spiritual Alliance
Lake Pleasant, MA was the home of the
popular New England Campmeeting
Association (NESCA) which was formed in
1874. Lake Pleasant is the oldest
continuously existing Spiritualist center in
the United States. A century ago, it was also
the largest Spiritualist gathering place in
the country.
Rev. G. Tabor Thompson was a Baptist
minister from Philadelphia who became
interested in Spiritualism. Each year he
would board the trains and head to Lake
Pleasant for the summer, often staying in
the cottage of Mr. & Mrs. John Wheeler,
the Standard Sewing Machine magnate
from Gardner, MA.
From Well Established Roots
Rev. Thompson was a charismatic individual who was also known as
the Psychic Songster. His prolific publications were also well read
within the Spiritualist communities, and many enjoyed singing many
hymns attributed to his authorship of song and/or lyrics.
On or about 1909, Rev. Thompson became the President of the New
England Campmeeting Association which was affiliated with the
forerunner of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches based
in Lily Dale, New York. Ultimately, there became a philosophical
disagreement between NESCA and Rev. Thompson along with his
followers, primarily regarding reincarnation. NESCA members did not
believe in reincarnation which in their opinion would be
retrogressive, not progressive, and also unproved. Followers of Rev.
Thompson believed that reincarnation was a learning vehicle which
assisted the soul's progression toward perfection.
Being unable to resolve their differences, The National Spiritual
Alliance (TNSA) was formed by Rev. Thompson and several members
thus splitting from NESCA and following separate Spiritualist paths. On
September 12, 1913 The National Spiritual Alliance of the United States
of America originated with incorporation papers as a church
corporation by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
TNSA continues to be an active Spiritualist center. Several thousand
people visit Thompson Temple annually to participate in Sunday
services, Psychic Development Circles, Psychic Fairs, classes,
workshops, and other offerings.
Rev. George Tabor
TNSA Emblem
The "Pond Lily"
"Though it strikes its
roots into the mud,
sends its shoots up,
through the putrid
waters and spreads its
leaves over the green
scum of the pond; yet
it evolves purity,
beauty, and fragrance,
and but dies to live
Serving Spiritual Needs Since 1913.
Officers and Directors of
The National Spiritual Alliance
Rev. Joseph Giannini, President                   
Linda Kinney, Vice President
Bridie Pearce,   Secretary   
Rev. Dr. Beverly Rhodes, Director
Rev. Andrea Krawczyk, Director                        
Dan Frank, Director
                                     Tabor Thompson Memorial Temple Community
                                                   Flagship Church of TNSA
The National Spiritual Alliance is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity
religious/church corporation. Your contributions to TNSA are tax-deductible under both federal and state
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