Become a TNSA Certified Healer......

Spiritual Healing is gift from the Creator to every individual, and this gift is exercised by and
through the direction and influence of excarnate spiritual beings for the relief, cure and
healing of both mental and physical diseases of all living things. This gift is available to
everyone for development and use.

TNSA practices hands-on or contact healing with hand restrictions to the areas of the head
and shoulders. Spiritual healers act simply as channels for the Creator's healing energies
that are directed by the healers' Spirit Guides. To become a TNSA Certified Spiritual Healer,
please click on the following links to download and print the Spiritual Healer Certification
Criteria, Spiritual Healer Application, and Healing Affidavit.

Educational requirements for Spiritual Healing certification may be met by enrolling in
Tabor Thompson Institute, the educational division of TNSA.
TNSA Criteria for
Spiritual Healer
TNSA Application for
Spiritual Healer
TNSA Affidavit of
Spiritual Healing