The National Spiritual Alliance
How To Become A.....
TNSA Member
Spiritual Healer
Certified Medium
Spiritualist Minister
TNSA Chartered Church
mission, we also provide the ability to become a Licentiate or Assistance
Minister during training with the goal of becoming a fully ordained
Spiritualist Minister.
Some of our ministers have the calling to start a Spiritualist Church. TNSA
provides a charter designation for Spiritualist churches wishing to ascribe
to the TNSA Principles and operate according to TNSA's progressive ideals
in religion, science, and philosophy.
TNSA has been providing for spiritual needs since 1913. Now entering our
second century, it is with great celebration that we are able to help anyone
seeking spiritual understanding by offering these avenues of certification,
ordination, and church establishment.

Educational requirements for all certifications may be received by enrolling
Tabor Thompson Institute, the educational division of TNSA.