Become a TNSA Spiritualist Minister.....

With a major emphasis on serving those in need, becoming aTNSA Spiritualist Minister is a defining
moment in one's journey with Spiritualism, a sacred designation by the hand of man and spirit. All
Spiritualists have the duty to continue learning but even more so as a Spiritualist minister.
To satisfy the ordination requirement below, TNSA has developed a specific Minister Training Program
that is presented by
Tabor Thompson Institute.  If this is a path that you are considering, click on the
Licentiate Minister application and print a copy for completion and submission to the TNSA Board of
Directors with a $100 application fee. TNSA allows the candidate 24 months to complete all requirements.
Should you have any questions or comments, please contact TNSA President, Rev. John Midura at
TNSA also requires that you obtain a current criminal background check and recommends using and purchasing the National Search, currently at $14.95. Simply show the complete
background check to the appointed TNSA representative. No copies of your report will be retained by

The following is a reprint of TNSA's Ordination Requirements as stated in the Constitution, Article VI.


Sec.   1.   An applicant for Ordination must e a TNSA member, serve one full year as a licentiate, and fulfill
all requirements. Requirements shall be completed within 24 months of application acceptance. The
applicant shall be responsible for proof of service, for example, kitchen help, moderator, committee
service, etc. A letter written by the church President and Secretary vouching for the character and
standing of the candidate, as well as the appropriate fee must accompany application. The fee shall be
returned if application is denied.


Basic Spiritualism Course
Course on Death and Dying
Healer and/or Medium certificate
Pastoral Skills Course


Three books from the TNSA required reading list category and three books from the recommended
reading list category, each to have a two-to-three page written summary.


Good communication skills.
Good organizational and management skills.
Conflict mediation training and experience.
Knowledge of health and human service organizations (addresses and hotline numbers) in geographic
area of service for referrals as needed for premarital counseling, marriage, suicide prevention, family
dynamics, violence, chemical and alcohol dependency, death, dying, and the grief process, teen
pregnancy and crisis intervention.
Knowledge of TNSA Principles, Constitution, and By-Laws.
General understanding of significant world religions and spiritual movements.

Sec.   5.   OTHER

Chronology of other relevant books read, seminars attended, and activities in church and community.
Following ordination, a minister shall take or facilitate at least one annual course or seminar acceptable
to the Board of Directors.
Licentiate or
Assistant Minister
Application to
Tabor Thompson