Become a TNSA Member-----

Membership in TNSA is easy, and an important step in one's journey into
Spiritualism. It is a commitment to upholding the Principles of TNSA and to the
support of a religious organization and alliance of churches that has now existed
as a Spiritualist denomination for more than 100 years.
All members are welcomed to attend monthly Board of Director meetings and are
encouraged to participate in the discussions. Members are also the deciding
voices at the TNSA Annual Meeting where officers and directors are elected, and
where changes to the By-laws are presented.
If one chooses to further themselves, members may become certified as Spiritual
Healers, Mediums, and Ministers and also participate in Sunday services as a
podium assistant or moderator.
To begin your journey into Spiritualism, download the application by clicking on
the link below. Submit it along with the current annual dues of $25.00 to TNSA, PO
Box 88, Lake Pleasant, MA, 01347 Once approved by the Board, you will receive a
membership card and a copy of "Becoming a Spiritualist" by H. Gordon
Burroughs which will provide you with answers to many of your questions.
TNSA takes great pride in welcoming "ALL who seek spiritual understanding".

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