The National Spiritual Alliance
Schedule of Sunday Services
The Sunday services at the Thompson
Temple currently begin at 10: A.M.  The
format includes: welcome and introduction;
hands-on spiritual healing; an inspirational
talk, and psychic messages and
communications from the spirit world
through the medium of the day. Spiritualist
hymns are played and sung to help raise
vibrations. Services conclude with
socializing, discussion, and potluck

A different speaker is assigned for each
Sunday service. Sometimes TNSA has
speakers at its services who express
religious/philosophical/scientific vews
other than those to which TNSA subscribe.,
Nonetheless, TNSA steadfastly adheres to
basic beliefs formulated in essence at the
time of its founding as reflected in the
Principles of The National Spiritual Alliance.

                        SCHEDULE OF MINISTERS and SPEAKERS

          Flagship Church of The National Spiritual Alliance
                                 2 Montague Avenue, Lake Pleasant MA  01347


  10:30 A.M      Promptly

Please Arrive A Few Minutes Before We Start Time.                              

   January 26     Rev. Eric Doyle
   February 2.    Alicia Parish
   February 9.    Rev. Kim Wright
   February 16.   Rev. Joe Giannini
   February 23.   Rev. Barbara Hardie
   March 1.        Susan Schack
   March 8.        Rev. Diane Stone
   March 15.       TBA
   March 22.       Rev. Joe Giannini
   March 29.       Rev. David Moquin
   April 5.           Rev. Eric Doyle  
   April 12          Easter- Rev. John Midura
   April 19.         Rev. Steve Wilson
   April 26.         Rev. Candice Breen
   May 3.            Rev. David Moquin
   May 10.          Mother’s Day-  TBA
   May 17.          Alicia Parish
   May 24.          Rev. Elaine San Soucie
   May 31.          Rev. Joe  Giannini
   June 7.            Rev. Louisa Roof
   June 14.          Rev. Kary Hays
   June 21.          Father’s Day- Rev. John Midura
   June 28.          Jordan Taylor

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