The National Spiritual Alliance
Ordained Ministers, Ministries,
Missions &
Chartered Churches
The National Spiritual Alliance is a nationally recognized denomination.
Since its inception in 1913, TNSA has ordained hundreds of ministers.
For several years in the distant past, over 250 churches were chartered
through TNSA, with over 350 ministers serving congregations totalling
almost 10,000 members nationwide. Those heydays of religion and
church have followed the general shrinking of Spiritualism in the United
States as well as declining memberships in most religious
With the dawning of the new millennium, a significant spiritual resurgence has taken place.
There is much more interest in the continuation of life after transition or death, including
dealing with spirits who, for many reason, remain on the earth plane. As a result, TNSA is
attempting to meet the challenges presented in this new century by once again, reaching out
to those seeking spiritual fulfillment and understanding.
The following ministers are ordained by The National Spiritual Alliance and are currently
operating active ministries throughout New England, nationally, and internationally.
Cycles of Spirit is chartered as a Spiritualist Church by The
National Spiritual Alliance. Pastored by TNSA ordained Rev.
Kary Hays, members meet for service on the first Monday of
each month. Currently, services are held at the Unitarian
Universalist Church in Keene, New Hampshire. Click on the to
the very informative webpage of Cycles of Spirit.
Rev. Kary Hays & Cycles of Spirit
Rev. Barbara Hardie & Angel Connections
Rev. Barbara Hardie is an ordained Spiritualist minister by
TNSA. She has served the Board of Directors in several
positions. Rev. Barbara is a channel for Ascended Masters and
Archangels. She is also a certified Spiritual Healer, Medium, and
Counselor, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and member of the
International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Rev.
Barbara is author of "Creating Heaven on Earth, a Guide to
Personal Ascension". She serves her ministry "Angel
Connections" by offering private angel readings and soul
purpose readings, as well as Remote Spirit Releasement
Sessions. Rev. Barbara offers a variety of workshops. Click on
her photo and her book cover for more information.
Rev. Joe Giannini
Ordained at TNSA in June of 2012, Rev. Giannini completed formal
studies in Psychic Development at the Holistic Studies Institute of
New York, Albany and also has been awarded certifications as a
hypnotist, Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Ki
Master. His classes and workshops are accredited by the
International Healers Association. He also was awarded a Bachelor
of Metahysics degree from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona,
AZ, and was ordained by the International Metaphysical Ministry in
1997. Rev. Geannini is a certified Metaphysical Practicioner and
earned a B.A. in Journalism from SUNY Buffalo. Currently, Rev. Joe
was elected to the board of directors of the Science of Mind Center in
Albany, NY where he frequently lectures. Rev. Joe also leads
workshops in Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development. He is also
a team member of the Tri-City NY Paranormal Society, participating
in investigations and providing training on psychic phenomena and
spirit communication. Visit Rev. Joe's website by clicking on his
photo. To attend one of Rev. Joe's workshops, please visit the
Science of Mind Center at
Rev. Joanne Yacovone
Rev. Joanne was ordained a Spiritualist Minister by TNSA in
August of 2012. She has served Spirit for over 25 years, beginning
her spiritual path at The First Spiritualist Church in Springfield,
MA. Over her journey Rev. Joanne has taken several courses and
workshops, developing her healing, Mediumship and ministerial
abilities. Additionally, Rev. Joanne has taken several courses in
comparative religions at Unity Church in Connecticut and South
Carolina as well as Science of Mind in Edgewater, Florida. She has
served The National Spiritual Alliance over many years as a
medium, psychic, healer and speaker.
Rev. Ronald D. Picard
Rev. Ron Picard was ordained a Spiritualist Minister by TNSA in
August of 2012. He is a graduate of Morris Pratt Institute, having
completed their 30-lesson course of study in Spiritualism. Rev.
Ron had certifying credentials from Morris Pratt Inst. as a Healer,
Medium and Licentiate Minister. He has taken several courses at
The First Spiritualist Church of Spingfield, as well as serving the
podium at The National Spiritual Alliance as Healer, Speaker and
Medium. His journey into Spiritualism began when experience
validated readings and transfigurations by Rev. Dorothy Comish.
Other TNSA Ministers with Active or Retired Ministries
Other Active Ministers

Rev. Betsy Newton
Rev. Eileen McGrath
Rev. Lorraine Willey
Rev. Darlene Slade
Rev. Leslie Matilainen
Rev. Charlotte Gordon
Rev. Lorraine Dewey
Rev. Davis Dewey
Rev. E.J. Doyle
Rev. Andrea Krawczyk
Rev. Joanne Matthews
Rev. David Moquin
Rev. Beverly Rhodes
Rev. Debra Forgette
Rev. Wendy Torres
Rev. Dennis Towsley
Rev. Bety Comerford
Rev. Erik Carlson
Rev. Nanci MacKenzie
Rev. Daniel Pratt
Rev. Gary Anderson
Rev. Ricky Tibbets

Rev. Helen J. Potter
Rev. Ethel Mitis
Rev. Helen Anderson
Rev. Spencer Stremlau

Rev. Albert Armstrong
Rev. Julianna Donofrio
Rev. Margaret Leonard
Rev. Corinne Lovering
Rev. Joan Moulton
To contact any of the ministers below, please visit our Contact Page and submit a request for
correspondence. Include your contact information. Your request will be forwarded via e-mail.
Serving Spiritual Needs Since 1913.
Rev. Steve Wilson

dedication is the Sacred Healing Grove he built on his property in Mason,
Rev. Steve began his spiritual ministry many years ago. A product of his
dedication is the Sacred Healing Grove he built on his property in Mason,
NH. The center of the healing grove is a Yurt constructed by Rev Steve
where many spiritual events take place. Visit Rev. Steve's
accomplishment at and view the peaceful
beauty. Clicking on Rev. Steve's photo will also take you there.

On November 17, 2013 the TNSA Board of Directors officially granted a
charter to the Sacred Healing Grove as a Spiritualist church.

As an ordained TNSA spiritualist minister, teacher and certified Shaman,
Steve heads up the Spirit Light Network, a paranormal investigation
group. He is the lead investigator and brings more than 30 years of
valuable and varied experience in the world of the paranormal. He has
changed many lives with his healing gifts and he is a Usui / Shambala
Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, Channeler and Medium. Please visit
the website at or click on the door to the left.
Rev. John E. Midura
Rev. John is the current President of TNSA. He is a certified healer and medium. Rev. John
has completed the Morris Pratt Institute course in Spiritualism and has certificates in
Spiritualism, Healing, Mediumship, and Seance leader. An ordained Spiritualist minister, Rev.
John also holds ordaining credentials as a priest from the Reformed catholic Church
International. He is very active at TNSA where you will often find him at the keyboard for
Sunday services, speaking from the podium, presenting workshops, lectures, and various
classes, offering private readings at TNSA Medium/Psychic Fairs as well as a medium at
gallery reading events. Rev. John also leads Development circles in Adams, MA.
Directors of TNSA granted and On
January 11th, 2015 the Board of
issued a church charter to
Spiritual Alliance of New York,
pastored by Rev. Joe Giannini.
Spiritual Alliance of New York
Rev. Candace Nadine Breen
addition to her current licenses and certifications, she is a certified  Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
Master Teacher and Animal Reiki Master Teacher. She also does tarot readings.

Before her ordinations, Rev. Breen spent two and a half years as a Real Estate Agent and
eleven years as a highly-regarded and awarded English teacher for the Providence Public
Schools. She is a certified Life Coach and a former certified Hatha Yoga instructor. She also
appeared in the October 2009 issue of PEOPLE Magazine.

Rev. Breen has a deep connection and love for nature and connects her spirituality and
teachings to her garden. Since 2009, Rev. Breen has hosted the “Candidly Candace Radio
Show” on Blogtalkradio, a show dedicated to giving women a voice and focusing on
issues relevant to women. In addition to her radio show,  Candace once owned and
operates Breen Gardens & Gifts, a small family business which she has used to teach
others about the interconnectedness of nature and spiritualism. In order to better serve
others, Rev. Breen is also a URI School Master Gardener.  Her other current projects
include building an online Spiritualist community, writing, researching, and her art.

Rev. Candace is pastor of Awakened Path Independent Spiritualist Church, TNSA's newest
charter church. She encourages everyone to visit her website at as well as the facebook page.