Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

TNSA defines Spiritual Healing as a gift from the Creator to every individual, and this gift is exercised by and through the direction and influence of spiritual beings for the relief and benefit of both mental and physical diseases of all living things. This gift is available to all regardless of spiritual awareness.

How is TNSA Spiritual Healing performed?

TNSA Spiritual Healing is contact healing (laying-on-of-hands) or non-contact healing. The healer places his/her hands on positions restricted to the area of head and shoulders. Sometimes the healer may, at the request of an individual, place hands slightly away from the head and shoulders. The healers acts only as a channel of God's healing energy, the healer attunes to spirit guides and others in the spirit world, who direct healing where it is needed.

Absent or Remote Spiritual Healing

With absent healing there is no physical contact between the healer and the one in need. However, the spiritual healer still attunes with spirit guides who are directed to the recipient. If you are in need of healing, or know someone who could benefit from spiritual healing, please send TNSA your request by emailing us at contact@spiritualallianceusa.org or using the healing request form. All requests will be given to TNSA spiritual healers for absent healing sessions to take place at one of TNSA's Spiritualist Services or healing programs. All requests are strictly confidential and will be known only to the spiritual healers and administrators of our healing program. Requests will be disposed of after the absent healing session.