Monthly Psychic Medium Fair

Monthly Psychic Medium Fair

Saturday, November 25, 2023, 11:00 am until 4:00 pm
The National Spiritual Alliance

25 minute reading or Reiki appointment for $30

Rev Joanne

I've been reading Tarot and Psychic/Mediumship reading for the last few years. My mission as a Tarot reader and Psychic/Medium is to bring evidential, meaning, healing and clarity to your reading.

My readings offer guidance and spiritual insight into your life's situations. Offering a review of your pas-present-future. Our personal life circumstances are/can be created from the past, and based on what we focus on now can determine what our future will/might be. Nothing is set in stone.

To schedule a reading please call: 508-896-7391

Jannie D.

Jannie is a work in progress. She is an eclectic mix of ceremonial fire keeper, couple's coach, intuitive transformational coach, holder of space. and a visual artist. She carries certifications in: mediumship, healing, neurolinguistic programming, literacy tutoring, mediation, and is an ordained minister through the American Marriage Ministry. She loves to play with words, fabric, harmonies and humans, in the pursuit of creating beauty and magic.


Sheryl is a lifelong learner and is a Reiki Master, certified Regression – Soul Contact Hypnotherapist and is a Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Practitioner.

She has been a TNSA member since 2020 and serves on the Board of Directors. Sheryl has completed the Morris Pratt courses on Modern Spiritualism and has certificates in Spiritualism, Healing, and Mediumship. She is a TNSA certified Spiritual Healer and Medium.

Sheryl leads weekly Development Circles at TNSA and actively participates in the monthly Psychic Medium Fairs.

To schedule a reading please call: 508-896-7391