Soul Releasement

Soul Releasement

Sunday, September 24, 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm
The National Spiritual Alliance

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Attachment of souls who have exited their physical bodies is a very common occurrence. Jesus/Sananda and Archangel Michael taught me how to do a process in order to assist these souls to the Light or the Resting Area where they belong. In this workshop you will learn:
Why Souls choose to stay earthbound.
What some of the signs are which indicate an attachment is present.
When Souls decide to attach to a physical body.
Some steps you can take to ensure that entities do not attach to your energy.
An exercise to increase your vibration.
How to release entities that are attached to a physical body, or those who happen to be earthbound (not attached).
Release those entities from the Resting Area into the Light/Heaven.
Participate in a group exercise to release attachments you may be hosting.
The method which was taught to me it is necessary to have a connection with your Spirit Guides who will assist you with the process. However, if you want to take the class for personal information or to participate in the releasement exercise that will be fine.

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