TNSA Principles

Principles of the National Spiritual Alliance

What we believe

Principles of The National Spiritual Alliance As we progress toward perfection, each soul chooses its own path and moves forward at its own pace nevertheless, TNSA recognizes certain basic principles which help straighten that path and quicken that pace. The TNSA Principles as amended at the 2010 annual meeting follow:

PRINCIPLE 1. INFINITE INTELLIGENCE: Infinite Intelligence is Deity, the designing and creating energy for all that exists. Existence is essence, guidance, meaning, purpose.

PRINCIPLE 2. ONE UNIVERSE/MANY DIMENSIONS: From one source came all. No matter surface differences, all is within us and each of us is within all else.

PRINCIPLE 3. THE IMMORTAL SOUL: The soul is eternal. While the body dies, the spirit lives on.

PRINCIPLE 4. COMMUNICATION BETWEEN MATERIALITY AND NON-MATERIALITY: Spirit transcends dimension. All souls, flesh and spirit, communicate with each other.

PRINCIPLE 5. PURSUIT OF TRUTH: Truth is eternal. We seek truth within ourselves, from other souls, sacred writings, and the natural order which sustains us.

PRINCIPLE 6. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Cause produces effect through thoughts, words, and deeds. We create ourselves and our circumstances and are alone responsible for our choices and creations.

PRINCIPLE 7. AFFILIATION AND MEMBERSHIP: Patience is the path to tolerance and tolerance is the path to love. We associate with this alliance to lovingly cooperate with ALL who seek spiritual understanding.

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