Ministry: Provide the ability for individuals to ultimately become a Licentiate or Assistant Minister during training with the goal of becoming a fully ordained Spiritualist Minister. Or become a Pastoral Assistant for the Thompson Memorial Temple and assist at Sunday Services. Some of our ministers have the calling to start a Spiritualist Church. TNSA provides a charter designation for Spiritualist churches wishing to ascribe to the TNSA Principles and operate according to TNSA's progressive ideals in religion, science, and philosophy. Certification as a Spiritual Healer and/or Certified Medium may begin your journey leading to a Licentiate Minister or Pastoral Associate assisting at the Thompson Memorial Temple with Sunday Services. TNSA has been providing for spiritual needs since 1913. Now entering our second century, it is with great celebration that we are able to help anyone seeking spiritual understanding by offering these avenues of certification, ordination, and church establishment. Educational requirements for all certifications may be received by enrolling in Tabor Thompson Institute, the educational division of TNSA. Pastoral Associate positions are a new position at the Thompson Memorial Temple and Chartered Churches. Pastoral Assistants must be TNSA Certified Healers and Mediums. Contact our office directly for additional information.

Steps for Medium Certification Mediumship is a gift from the Creator. TNSA believes that every individual possesses this gift and ability. However, we believe that development of mediumship skills are important and are part of lifelong learning. TNSA has defined definite steps and procedures that must be followed by anyone who wishes to become a TNSA certified Medium. Certification provides appropriate required knowledge of the Philosophy, Science and Religion of Spiritualism, and appropriate development of mediumship skills and assurance of ethics and professional standards for certified mediums. Please read the criteria for TNSA Mediumship certification by clicking on the link below. Also, an application for certification is also linked below. Academic requirements may be fulfilled by enrolling in Tabor Thompson Institute, the educational division of TNSA. The National Spiritual Alliance has been serving Spiritual needs since 1913. TNSA is an alliance of churches, missions, schools, ministers and members, all gathered under the umbrella of the religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism. We welcome ALL who seek spiritual understanding regardless of current or prior faith tradition, or lack thereof.

Spiritual Healing is gift from the Creator to every individual, and this gift is exercised by and through the direction and influence of excarnate spiritual beings for the relief, cure and healing of both mental and physical diseases of all living things. This gift is available to everyone for development and use. TNSA practices hands-on or contact healing with hand restrictions to the areas of the head and shoulders. Spiritual healers act simply as channels for the Creator's healing energies that are directed by the healers' Spirit Guides. With absent healing there is no physical contact between the healer and the one in need. However, the spiritual healer still attunes with spirit guides who are directed to the recipient. If you are in need of healing, or know someone who could benefit from spiritual healing, please send TNSA your request by emailing us atcontact@spiritualallianceusa.org or using the healing request form. All requests will be given to TNSA spiritual healers for absent healing sessions to take place at one of TNSA's Spiritualist Services or healing programs. All requests are strictly confidential and will be known only to the spiritual healers and administrators of our healing program. Requests will be disposed of after the absent healing session.To become a TNSA Certified Spiritual Healer, please click on the following links to download and print the Spiritual Healer Certification Criteria, Spiritual Healer Application, and Healing Affidavit. Educational requirements for Spiritual Healing certification may be met by enrolling in Tabor Thompson Institute, the educational division of TNSA.

More information coming soon regarding course requirements, schedule and fees.

Reach out to tnsarev@yahoo.com if you have questions or are interested in pursuing certifcation.